December 8, 2015

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Grwpiau a Dosbarthau Iaith Gymraeg

Learn the Language of Heaven
Dysgwch Iaith y Nefoedd
Welsh language classes in Arizona Now Online

The Phoenix Welsh class meets Tuesday evenings online at Google Hangouts. There
is a beginners’ class at 5:00, and a class for continuing learners after that. All are
welcome to stay for all segments.To enroll check with John Good at 623-939-0209.

Language Resources and References
Here are some of the books and materials that we use. There are varying opinions
on some of them, but overall these are very good.
Welsh League of Arizona
Cynghrair Cymreig Arizona
Language classes and resources

Our Phoenix class was featured in the
Dewi Llwyd Election ’08 special for the
His experiences in TUCSON Dosbarth Nos
inspired one student to create this unique
Welsh-English calendar featuring actual
letters & images from America’s Civil War
Y Lolfa Publications –

The Lazy Way to Welsh
by Flann O’Riain – ISBN: 0 86243 240 5
The really lazy way to begin learning Welsh; no lessons, only bubbles and cartoons and some explanatory lines. Take this book with you on the bus, train or to the cafe and smile while learning basic Welsh words, phrases and sentences. A lot of fun to use.
Gomer Publications –

Gramadeg Cymraeg Cyfoes / Contemporary Welsh Grammar
(Gwasg Gomer) ISBN: 1 85902 672 9
Reviews modern grammar and conventions for spoken Welsh. Good, solid, no-nonsense basics. A must for any learner.

Linkword Welsh
by Michael Gruneberg – 1 85902 268 5
Uses an imagery method of improving memory so learners can master hundreds of words and a basic grammar.

Y Geiriadur Mawr
by H. Meurig Evans and W.O. Thomas – ISBN: 0 85088 462 4
“The Big Dictionary”. This is a good, comprehensive dictionary.
Book & CD/tape Sets

Colloquial Welsh: A Complete Language Course
by Gareth King
Book: ISBN 0-415-10783-0
2 Cassettes: ISBN 0-415-10784-9
Book and 2 Cassettes: ISBN 0-415-10785-7, £22.64.

Teach Yourself Welsh
by Julie Brake and Christine Jones (2000)
Book: ISBN 0-340-77969-1
2 Cassettes: ISBN 0-340-77971-3
Book and 2 Cassettes: ISBN 0-340-77970-5